International Conference of Refugees and Migrants 2016 The Struggles of Refugees – How to go on?!

International Conference of Refugees and Migrants 2016


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To participate at the conference it is necessary to register. We need your registration to organize the translations, sleeping places and transport subsidies. We will not ask for any personal data, it is not even necessary to give your official name (an alias works fine for us).

To register, please click HERE!

The registration phase is from the 07.02. – 19.02.2016. Please be aware of the language selection menu on the top right corner of the registration form! Available languages are English, French, German and Arabic.

UPDATE 11.02.2016: The Registration was closed for everyone today. We have reached the maximum number of participants for the conference within three days! We are working on a solution to make the participation of more refugees and migrants possible, please check this website and our Facebook page regularly! We also kindly ask supporters to reconsider their registration. If you are ready to withdraw your registration so that more refugees and migrants can participate, please contact us!

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