International Conference of Refugees and Migrants 2016 The Struggles of Refugees – How to go on?!

International Conference of Refugees and Migrants 2016

About + FAQ

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About the International Conference of Refugees & Migrants 2016

In August 2015 the politically active refugees from Berlin, Hannover and Hamburg together organized a nationwide Refugee Conference in Hannover. The International Conference of Refugees and Migrants on 26-28th February 2016 in Hamburg bases on this cooperation. As a self-organized conference it aims at empowering existing and developing new networks of refugees and migrants as well as creating the possibility to analyze the current situation in Germany and Europe. For three days, refugees, migrants, supporters and activists with different backgrounds will discuss, network and share their knowledge. The results of the Refugee Conference 2015 in Hannover can be found HERE.

The conference is jointly organized by

Lampedusa in Hamburg, CISPM– International Coalition of Sans-Papiers Migrants and Refugees, Voix des Migrants, Refugee Movement Berlin, Refugee Protestcamp Hannover, Refugee Bus Tour, Droits des Migrants, Asmara’s World-Refugee Support
upported by Recht auf Stadt – never mind the papers!

In cooperation with kampnagel

The International Conference of Refugees & Migrants 2016 is funded by: Robert Bosch Stiftung, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, stiftung:do and Gabriele Fink Stiftung. Thanks to all Supporters of the Crowdfunding Campaign on

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Here we will try to answer all important questions about the conference. Please remember that this conference is a political project and not organized by professionals, so a little patience and support are very welcome! If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To participate at the conference it is necessary to register. We need your registration to organize the translations, sleeping places and transport subsidies. We will not ask for any personal data, it is not even necessary to give your official name (an alias works fine for us). You will be able to register on this website. The registration phase is from the 07.02. – 19.02.2016. Please check the website regularly!

The program is still work in progress and will be published as soon as possible. To make the conference a success we need your ideas, experiences and skills! The Program Working Group has issued a Call for Participation – please contact us and contribute to the conference!

We will organize translations into different languages on the conference. The language that will be spoken the most will be English. We will try to assess the required languages for the translation in the registration process. A translation into international sign language is also planned. If you can help out as a translator on the conference we would be glad if you contact us beforehand!

Food will be provided on donation basis by Le Sabot. This is how they describe themselves:
We are a mobile D.I.Y.-Kitchen. Our food is organic and vegan, tasty and not expensive. The word »sabotage« derives from the french word for clog: »le sabot«. To stop the machines, the workers threw their clogs into them. We find it important to fight power and to resist exploitation. This can be done by different means. We do it by taking care of a part of the infrastructure during meetings and actions: we cook. We want to have political discussions with those with whom we cook and do more than just supply infrastructure. Because living together requires solidarity and cooperation that is not based on profit-making and its negative consequences, we try to live an alternative life even now, for example by seeking for short ways of transport and fair working conditions when we do our grocery shopping. We cook for political and not for commercial reasons, often on a donation-basis. If there is a surplus, the money goes back into political projects and actions we want to support.

There will be some sleeping places on Kampnagel. We are additionally organizing private accommodation in Hamburg. The registration process will include questions on your need for a sleeping place. Please keep in mind that we cannot provide sleeping places for every participant of the conference and that they are primarily for refugees, migrants an supporters not from Hamburg. If you can offer a private sleeping place in Hamburg, please contact us! Food and accommodation are free for everyone who can’t afford the costs. Everyone else is kindly asked to donate.

Travel subsidy
We are still working on a way to fund travel costs for participants of the conference. This will definitely not be possible for everyone. Same goes for the costs for public transport in Hamburg. If possible, ask local associations/ foundations etc. for travel costs as well. We also advise to travel in groups as this may decrease the costs and increase your safety. Don’t hesitate to contact us: refugeeconference.travelcosts [at]!

The conference, food and accommodation is for free for everyone who doesn’t have enough money. Everyone else is kindly asked to donate according to their own capabilities. The conference is independent and organized by Refugee and Migrants groups struggling under very precarious conditions. We need your financial support to make it happen – please support our crowdfunding campaign!

There will be a child space and childcare during the time of the conference. More information on this will be published as soon as possible. If you would like to help with the childcare, please contact us!

Womens Space
A part of the Kampnagel area will be designated as a Womens Space only accessible for women*. More information on this will be published as soon as possible. If you want to support the womens space or if you have any other questions or demands, please contact us!

Kampnagel is an event location for contemporary art located on the site of an old factory in the north of Hamburg. Kampnagel has a history of political interventions and has recently actively supported the struggle of Lampedusa in Hamburg and other refugees. More Information on Kampnagel here!

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