International Conference of Refugees and Migrants 2016 The Struggles of Refugees – How to go on?!

International Conference of Refugees and Migrants 2016
Invitation to all activists – for the rights of refugees and migrants

The struggle of refugees. How to go on? Stop war on migrants!

In August 2015 the politically active refugees from Berlin, Hannover and Hamburg together organized a nationwide Refugee Conference in Hannover.Building on this cooperation, we have the pleasure to invite you to the International Conference of Refugees and Migrants on 26-28th February 2016 in Hamburg.

This self-organized conference aims at empowering existing and developing new networks of refugees as well as creating the possibility to analyze the current situation in Germany and Europe. For three days, refugees, migrants, supporters and activists with different backgrounds will discuss, network and share their knowledge. Issues that will be addressed at the conference include:

The new restrictive laws against refugees

The situation and struggles at the EU-borders


The increasing racist attacks

The situation, demands and struggles of women refugees and migrants

Refugee self-organization

Positive achievements of the Refugee Struggle so far

– ›Living‹ conditions in the refugee camps

The attempts of authorities to divide refugees into ›good‹ and ›bad‹

Racism against Muslims and Roma/Sinti

The conference will also address the central reasons why people flee: displacement, expropriation, destruction of the environment, colonialism and war.

Join the most important voices in the struggle of refugees and migrants at the conference in order to develop concrete suggestions to improve the situation. Everybody is welcomed to be active: refugees, migrants, activists and interested people from Hamburg, and other German and European cities and regions.

Let‘s open a forum for inspiration and discussion that will create space for actions. Come all! In solidarity!

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